160701 Crayon Pop on KISS

Crayon Pop was on KISS. They overtook the previous number one, Stellar, who previously led with 6400 “Love Points”, with a score of 8750.

Please watch the official PandaTV stream, as it will be considered as a form of support. If it doesn’t load well, use the YouTube stream, but keep the PandaTV stream open if possible.

The show ended early as it was raining, and some malfunction had happened in the studio.

  • h4iumb1

    Way is soooo cute! 🙂

    • ezekiel

      i was melted because of way.. and choa voice is amazing.. ^^.. too bad the show ended to quick.. not even 2 hours.. i wonder what happen..

  • Brandon Lim

    So sad… ended way too early. the audience was so supportive!

    • ezekiel

      do you know what happen? and why are they broadcasting laboum episode now? TT

      • ian chan

        there was some issue of the studio because of the heavy rain, almost got into accident(of what nature was not mentioned), so they have to cut it show.

  • Mygiwi

    Way And Geummi are the queens this time !

  • ezekiel
  • Paransiskin

    Please, put the link of . streaming in YouTube… I can’t find it

    • ezekiel

      the streaming ended already.. you can watch the recording video that i just post if you miss the live streaming..^^

      • Paransiskin

        Thanks a lot! I clicked the link and there was “Stellar”. I didn’t understand why 😂

  • apieth

    So Crayon Pop jumping jumping before the show because they were bored till the rooftop damaged, then unpredictably rain comes and flooding the studio
    Super hero’s problem 😏😏😐

    • ezekiel

      thanks.. now i know the problem.. so unlucky..TT

  • Dancing Queen

    I like Way’s hair. It suit her so well.

  • Hai Huynh

    I’m not able to watch the video. It says “This video contains content from PONYCANNON. It is not available in your country.”

    • h4iumb1

      Try browser-addons to unblock it or download it with “savefrom.net”

      • Paransikun

        Try to enter by Google Chrome =)
        I couldn’t by Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

    • try this
  • Mygiwi

    I just watched a part of the programs with Tahiti Sonamoo … and something tells me that our favorite girls will win every week. The atmosphere of the show is different, more entertaining with our Yongpops who seem more natural and spontaneous (Way’s aegyos, Elgu’s sens of self-mockery, Geummi very at ease …).

    • ian chan

      the other group seem to be more shy or overcautious

      • Mygiwi

        Exact. It’s easy to understand why the public vote for lively funny bubbly girls.
        Who wasn’t surprised by Ellin’s limbo, by ChickenYul or “Bbansang”Way last week ?!😂👌

    • CP Ranger

      I tried watching a couple of the other groups too and I agree with you.
      I think Crayon Pop have not been on a variety show in a long time, so they are giving their maximum effort. Their schedule is light as well, so they probably have more energy and enthusiasm. And they have always been naturally fun.

      I don’t think I have ever seen them play up for the cameras as much as they have been doing for this show. For me, it is becoming quite entertaining watching them make faces at the camera. 😀

  • dukpoki

    i love the whole charades part. i was laughing so much! and the back stage scene before the show was a great addition, i’m so glad they showed it to us.

  • Noor Ahmed

    they are so cute
    geummi 🙂

  • @Admin

    Why the link on ‘PandaTV stream’ have a video entitled “Kiss ♥ Crayon Pop ♥” but there isn’t Crayon Pop girls? Also, Panda site have no link to Crayon Pop video on box. :/

    • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

      It’s livestream only, aftee that they only play some introduction for 4 girl group participate in this show

  • guest

    Anyone got the link to stellar’s show?
    On yt only find cp..

    • guest

      Its ok I found it

  • Sakurai K

    Cadê os comeback ai porra!? caraio

    • h4iumb1

      around august, when the Olympics are over

  • J shawol

    what are they going to give to crayon pop if crayon pop got the highest love points? just asking ehehe….btw its really a funny episode

    • ezekiel

      that’s what i want to know too..^^

  • Juliana Pinzon

    Deberían durar mas,viéndolos se me pasa el tiempo super rapido.