160625 Crayon Pop News Round Up

As reported previously, Way will be appearing in a small role in the daily drama, “You Are A Gift”. Her first appearance in the show will be on 4 July, Episode 16. She will be acting as a female employee of the female lead, who is lively and fresh.

Way will also be joined by her sister, Choa, in singing the OST for JTBC’s “Mirror of the Witch”. It will be played in Episode 15 on July 1st.

According to industry insiders, Crayon Pop is aiming to release a full album by August. Considering that the Olympics is from 5 Aug – 21 Aug, it is likely Crayon Pop will make the comeback only after the Olympics.

Source: Naver News

  • Gabe Santiago

    πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘ ✌️ β™₯

  • ezekiel

    mirror of the witch!? that’s a great drama.. ^^

  • Dagachi_One

    End August. No summer comeback then πŸ™

    • ezekiel

      i think it’s a good idea to make a comeback after olympic. ^^

  • Jair__castillo

    more time for saving money!, july pre-comeback with OST, august COMEBACK!! finally :’3

  • dukpoki

    guys just remember when they do make the comeback, we need to support them like no other. They truly deserve it. Let’s buy their cd’s, watch their MV’s over and over to increase the views and also vote for them on korean charts. Besides Bar Bar Bar, their MV view counts are really appalling. Groups like Gfriend, Twice, EXO, etc have crazy fans who rewatch their MV’s on a daily basis. This is pretty much a fan war and we have to work harder because let’s be honest, those groups have numbers due to all the teen boys & girls. And we all know those teeny boppers can be a force to be reckoned with. Just look at Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus for crying out loud. πŸ˜›

    • dukpoki

      Just an FYI. How YT works is that you can’t repeat the same video over and over so that means you can’t watch it 20 times a day and expect it to go up by that amount. It’s not 100% but most likely it’s one view per day per ISP account. That means technically if you watch it once on your computer’s isp (let’s say Charter or Comcast) and also watch it on your cell phone’s isp (T-Mobile 4G for example–make sure it’s not wifi) then that’s 2 views per day. If we all do it for a month we should be able to impact it positively. Also you can’t watch 5 seconds of it and then turn it off. You have to watch the full video from start to finish. All of this is in theory of course. In any way let’s do it for CP!!

      Personally, i have all official CP MV’s saved on a favorite playlist and just repeat it daily. Most of the times i just press play and then turn off the speakers and the monitor and go do something else. When i come back later all the videos on the playlist has been played. I also do it for my iphone every once in a while when i remember to.

    • how do you vote….

      For them on Korean charts??
      and how does youtube views work..
      Does it only count one view per day per device

      • dukpoki

        No one really knows 100% how YT exactly counts their views but it is believed that only 1 view per video a day is counted for every IP address. So if you play a video from the internet with Comcast on your home computer and then play the same video from the internet with Verizon Wireless on your cell phone (make sure it’s not wifi and is using Verizon’s IP, not Comcast’s) then you will have a view count of 2 for that one video. Also you can’t watch the video for 5 seconds and expect it to count–you have to watch the whole thing start to finish. Another tip is when you watch CP video’s (make sure it’s their official one’s like from Crayon Pop Channel or 1theK, etc), disable your adblock extensions so that they can get ad revenues.

        What i do is i create a custom playlist with all the official CP mv’s (about 19 or so) and i disable my adblock and then press play, turn off the monitor, turn off the speakers, and go and do other stuff. Later i come back and the whole playlist has been ran through. The next day i will repeat if i can. Also do the same thing with your phone if you can (helps if you have an unlimited data plan).

        • dukpoki

          The biggest thing to remember is that YT and buying mp3’s off of some sites barely helps CP monetarily wise (it’s a very small piece of the pie they get) That’s why i encourage people to buy their actual physical CD’s from actual retailers that count the sales towards their charts (Ktown4u and some official ebay sellers that state it). It’s also worth it imo because you usually get awesome photobooks and/or posters with the cd.

          The other big things are if they win charts and music show awards obviously they will be doing really well, hence why we need to vote as much as possible. And for YT supporting them by having a huge number of views would be ideal as well.

          • Glenn Todd

            Go get Free Proxy, so you can change country, and IP addy. Watch over and over again.

          • dukpoki

            good idea!