160624 Way’s Message on Wayland Cafe

Way left a message on her personal fancafe, Wayland titled “Wayland ♥ ♥”.


Everyone, hello+^^+
Way is here!
You’ve heard about the news about my drama, right?
Yesterday was the first reading and was the first filming on the set
I got well taken care of by seniors, it was a very enjoyable filming
And during the second filming, I learned a lot as an actress
Thank you for the time!!!
I will appear on Episode 16 (July) Don’t have a lot of lines.. Don’t be disappointed if I only have a few words ㅠㅠ! ㅎㅎㅎ
But thanks to our fans who cheer up start, you do not know how happy I am >_< In a while from now I'll be going for the K.I.S.S broadcast I miss our Wayland! These days it's been hot, so be careful and have a pleasant dinner~~ See you on OllehTV Mobile at 9 I love you~~~ My lovely Wayland!!!

Source: Wayland Cafe