160623 Geummi’s Instagram Translated

Boktae! …Lately, you have been stressed? 😨😰😱

Source: Instagram

  • apieth

    Even Boktae needs cptv

    • whatevs

      typical cptv withdrawal symptoms

    • WMoksg

      No cptv, no comeback, lack of public performances and events….. i kinda understand what Boktae is going through.

      • MadOnCP

        Yes well, I was in Seoul for a few days and the day I went to Busan they played at a Uni in Seoul that night, (not happy) so at least i got a picture of the studios and bought some food at the GS25 store next door so I know i walked in our hero’s foot steps. Hopefully they come for a visit to Australia again.

        • Brandon Lim

          you have done half of what i wanted to do when i was in Seoul, good job!

        • WMoksg

          Yeah, sometimes it’s luck and it’s not easy to time your visit unless you’ve knowledge of their schedule way in advance. Anyhow, i guess it ‘ll warm your heart a little to have traced their footsteps around Seoul and experiencing their culture. Just keeping my hope up for a great super comeback and hopefully their success will bring them around the world, of course Australia and everywhere else.

      • robertrickett

        I can understand your frustration, but perhaps Boktae is rebelling because they are spending more time preparing for there comeback. (Hopeful)

        • WMoksg

          lol… thanks for the understanding, it’s my “CP-missing you” virus acting up again …kkk. Since over CP we humans could feel that way, what about dogs? … or the other way round? hahaha….same same, maybe.

  • Gabe Santiago

    ♥ 귀여운 스트레스

  • Terry Townsend

    puppy needs vacation

  • lapdogg4030

    Boys will be boys!

  • robertrickett

    Boktea is now a genuine Rock Star, trashing the apartment. Boktea is becoming an internet sensation.

  • Mygiwi

    How to not understand Boktae. I think he’d like to be admitted as the sixth member of CP. It is legitimate ; he has already made a brief appearance in BBB (global version). Boktae is Just a little nervous.