160621 Geummi’s Message on Geumlidang Translated

Geummi posted on her personal fancafe, Geumlidang a message titled “Our fans♥?”

I had a happy 29th
Thanks to you all I had a lovely birthday
And I saw the pictures from that day
I just kept laughing ^^;ㅋㅋ
Is this not my charm !! (~.~)
Hehe the love fans have given me
I’ll have to split it ^.^*
About my tray of eggs… I think its missing ..
ㅜㅜ..Where is it? When I arrived it wasn’t there. Huk !
Once again, thank you very much ^o^
From tomorrow it’s the rainy season, bring an umbrella☂
Make sure to do so
Then good night ♥?

Source: Geumlidang cafe