160620 Way’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Way left a message on the cafe, titled “Hullo^^”

Everyone nice to meet you, nice to meet you+^^+
Everyone has been fine, right??
Although we seldom meet like in the past
Gradually we will meet again as frequently as before~
In the meanwhile, there was no choice but to have a lull in our activities with the change in the internal affairs of the company ㅠ_ㅠ
As such, I also want to quickly meet everyone again often more than anyone else!
And if there’s one thing I want to say..
For my first starring in a drama,
Fans seem to have great anticipation for it ..
But truthfully, I didn’t have many scenes.
It won’t be more than you think^^;;ㅎㅎ
for my first formal acting experience, I did not have much experience
Anyways that’s how it happened~
That’s why I was actually shy and hesitant to tell you all,
But the announcement was already put up!!
To those who were disappointed that they didn’t get to hear this news from me first, sorry^^
Even though I did not have many scenes, every role is important,
to me especially, because it’s my acting debut, it’s a precious role to me!
I will work hard and do well, don’t worry about me ^^
If there were any who were expecting me to have many scenes, you must be disappointed.. ㅠㅠ
I’m worried that I won’t appear on many days too.
And we are now working hard to prepare the full album. Please wait a bit longer!!!
Also, please watch the KISS broadcast every Friday! :))))))))))))))
Our fans, we love you and thank you ♡ Luv you♥♥♥♥♥
Please be careful of the heat and have a good dinner♥

Source: Daum Fancafe

  • h4iumb1

    Even if she does not have many scenes, it is the first step in her acting career and I am looking forward to it 🙂

  • Lovecp

    Fighting way

  • ezekiel

    it doesn’t matter my dear.. i still will watch the drama because of you..^^

  • Gabe Santiago

    여동생. 작은 친구. 아주 아름다운! ♥

  • Noor Ahmed


  • IINexus ShineII

    Oh good news It’s a full album.. I will see ya on KISS
    and even you didn’t appear much I will looking forward to it.. ^^

  • apieth

    Even if it’s a short scene of small role, it’s important because this is Way’s acting debut. I’ll watch it ^^

    Very excited for new album. You’ve must been suffering a lot because of the internal affairs. Please don’t be stressed too long

    I don’t think many abroad fan knows this, but everytime Way wrote a message in fan cafe, she always spend some time to replies most of the comments from fans. That’s Our Way ^^

    Man~ I responded like if she ever was here~

  • CP Ranger

    I’m revving up for this comeback!

  • ian chan

    She is not on 6th episode.

    • ezekiel

      yeah.. i watch the drama too, i think way will start to make her debute, after hyun soo’s husband(now her boyfriend) death.. LOL

      • ian chan

        i think she will be the chairman’s daughter classmate, like a high school girl kekeke totally convincing kekeke

  • ian chan

    Quick update: Way has not appear on the drama yet….

    • ezekiel

      i think she will appear on the drama soon enough.. because hyun soo will become a young widow soon.. hahahaha..

      • ian chan

        not in 9th… com on way… show your face!
        i am sick of the story already….

        • ezekiel

          hahaha.. same here..

          • h4iumb1

            “Way’s Debut Acting Appearances on SBS Drama “You Are A Gift” expected to be aired from Episode 16, July 4th. Way will act as Lee KyungAh a refreshing, youthful & charming co-worker of Kong HyunSoo.She will use real name, Huh Minsun in acting field. ” Source: Crayon Pop Indonesia ‏@sketchbooksID (Twitter)

          • ezekiel

            yes!!! thank you very much.. now i don’t have to watch every episode of the drama.. just wait for episode 16.. hahaha..

  • J shawol

    what happen to the company?

    • ezekiel

      the ceo has change,, and some of their manager leave the company.. you don’t see eun jung with the girl anymore. i don’t know about wife jung..^^