160620 Crayon Pop for SKINLOVERS

Part of the same series of other endorsement for various cosmetic brands, see Crayon Pop endorsing SKINLOVERS’ essence mask packs.

  • m arif zainuddin

    why still using bar bar bar song ? for me it sad because Crayon Pop still known by bar bar bar song even there still another CP good song like FM or Dancing Queen

    • h4iumb1

      It is their trademark song and it brings them money – so why not use it? 😉

    • m arif zainuddin

      thats true, but still 🙁

    • Dancing Queen

      the same thing for PSY. It’s when you are famous for your own song.

    • aaa

      in live performences they still sing it as the last encore song.. i know its their number 1 hit and the song that made them famous… but feels like some fans are not jumping up and down with enthusiasm as before.. maybe felt its a bit overdone

    • ElCho

      So I hope that their comeback song will give them much success than bar bar bar 😃

  • Brandon Lim

    For selling in the Russian market?