160617 Crayon Pop on K.I.S.S.

Crayon Pop will be on K.I.S.S in less than an hour. Remember to tune in!

Crayon Pop’s segment will air on Fridays for the next 4 weeks. It will last 2 hours every week.

Every week, the most popular girl group with the highest “Love Points” will be crowned. “Love Points” comes from spending real money to vote. The rate is at 1 CNY (0.15 USD) per “Love Point”.

Due to lag in the stream, some of the videos aren’t perfect. Sorry about that.

  • Gage Lewis Cox

    will it have english subs? i hope so

    • ian chan

      i think it will be chinese subs for this program, i will try my best to recap

      • robertrickett

        that would be cool, thanks

  • ian chan

    starting now

  • ian chan

    160K ppl watching

  • ian chan

    the first hour was like just introduction of the groups who will be in the program

    • IINexus ShineII

      did you capture when they said cap time?

      • ian chan

        what do you mean??
        they didn’t say the exact time and date for the main feature.
        for the time they appeared in this one, about 35minutes to 50minutes.

        • IINexus ShineII

          When the mc read the message like someone want cap time pls (I not sure) and crayon pop did the kiss for fans to cap

          • ian chan

            oh!!! that part!! i didn’t… sorry

  • ian chan

    LoL Geummi steal the show with a split

  • ian chan

    Gummy Won the music chair XD

  • ian chan

    ok, Craypop main feature will be air on friday.

  • Gabe Santiago

    ♥ ✌️ !

  • ezekiel

    no… i miss the live streaming because of euro..TT

  • Gage Lewis Cox

    thanks for the videos link, really wish i can see my noonas with subs, wish i buckled down and learned korean

  • Jair__castillo

    thanks for sharing, i just could see 1 hour, little bit after to Crayon pop dancing :C

  • Andy

    why did Minnee from Stellar do that to Euijin from Sonamoo during the music chair (the round with Ellin) :O

  • ezekiel

    geummi like to win.. LOL.. but in the end she try to give the win to ji soo, but the MC insist that she’s the winner..^^

  • Brandon Lim

    Geummi will do so well on 2 days 1 night, they love to play musical chairs!

  • CP Ranger

    hehehe Happy birthday circle for Geummi. Female MC so excited to be included. Of course it was Ellin, with her beautiful heart, that brought in the MC. ChoA took pity on one of the guy MCs and included him. Geummi denied the other guy MC.
    Awesome! 😀
    Happy birthday, Geummi!

    • apieth

      Choa So cute

  • IINexus ShineII

    feel so sorry for soyul lol

  • Lovecp

    Go crayon pop

  • Noor Ahmed