160616 Geummi in “28 Faces of the Moon”

The webdrama “28 Faces of the Moon” Geummi stars in has been released in China! The first episode is linked below. Crayon Pop Me Subs will sub it in time to come.

The song near the beginning of Episode 5 is sung by Way, titled “Turutu”.

  • ezekiel

    yes.. yes.. yes.. finally..

  • rotocrash

    Geummi really livened up that clip!

  • methawee

    Yesss! Wait for you sub! Thank you CPM!♡

  • Jair__castillo

    YEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!! :’3 Thanks for this

  • ian chan

    btw the makeup and lighting are horrible….every single person’s face in the show look like a moon surface…

    • h4iumb1

      That´s why it´s called “28 FACES OF THE MOON” 😀

      • ian chan

        lol XD

      • apieth


  • ian chan

    i know language. the story is kinda confusing.
    the girl work in the flower shop, lost her mother, the other woman is her sister. she met and date that boy just a short time and plan to get marry
    Geummi and the other guy are working in a TV station i believe and they are classmate.
    they were all invited to that house for the birthday of the girl who died 3 years ago which look exactly like our main girl, also married to that creepy boy 7 years ago.
    etc etc…

    • IINexus ShineII

      so confusing…

  • CP Ranger

    I took the massive effort to romanise the lyrics for WaY’s song, please enjoy. 😀 “turutu turutu turutuu
    turutu turututurutuu
    turutu turututuu

    • ezekiel

      lol.. hahahaha…

  • ian chan

    ok… i finished the whole thing….
    only question….who approve the story and script???
    none of the things made completely no sense at all….

    • ezekiel

      the story line are confusing as hell.. if there’s no geummi there, i won’t even finish the first episode..

      • ian chan

        the ending was like… do you guys have better things to do than this…????

        • ezekiel

          LOL.. hahaha.,, agree..XD

  • To those wondering about the story,

    Main actress Jin Juhye meets Kang Woo in a terrible state three months ago. She falls in love with him before he falls in love with her. One month ago, she realized about Kang Woo’s previous fiancee, Wolha, who died in a car crash.

    As she was getting married to him in a short period of time, her aunt asked her if that was the right thing to do. To know, she staged the invitation to invite herself to the birthday memorial of Wolha. There, she got to know if Kang Woo loved her because of Wolha. And if so, she was willing to become Wolha, because she loved him that much.

    As for Geummi’s Oh Sujin, she liked PD Han Sungkyun as he had always stood up for her, but he had a crush on Wolha, but eventually learned to let go and decided to reciprocate Sujin’s constant advanced.

    In some sense, different people have different ways of loving, just like the 28 faces of the moon.