160613 Geummi in Web Drama “28 Faces of the Moon” Preview

On 13 June 2016, China’s Sohu Network posted a preview for the web drama, 28 Faces of the Moon. Geummi is playing a role in the web drama. The web drama will air in China starting on 16 June. It will air in Korea at a later date. Watch the preview clip, below.


  • apieth

    1 year wait

    • h4iumb1

      better late than never 😉

    • CP Ranger

      Maybe they were waiting to release it in time for Geummi’s birthday. 😀

  • Uncle Fan

    Wait. This drama needs a LOT more Geummi. And why is she crying? I must hurt someone for making her cry.

  • In fact the best would be to create a “web/TV series” with the Crayon Pop girls into FM concept or something like this. I would love to work with them, writing and directing this kind of content. I think a good opportunity to diversify the K-pop product for other media segments, without sticking to the music & videoclip; comic content as well, a lot of possibilities.

    • numetal_militia

      Crayon Pop web series along with a Crayon pop comic book and then, Crayon Pop: The Movie. Man, so much potential! It’s been done before with Wonder Girls (a so-bad-it’s-so-good movie) and Kara (animated show). We just need Chrome to become a rich company… so let’s keep dreaming.

      • Thank you so much for your comment, I really didn’t know about this works made for the groups mentioned.

    • ezekiel

      great idea.. sent it to chrome.. who knows…

      • I even received an email response from the Mr. Hwang himself before (I believe), but it was talking briefly about CP’s comeback stage. I recognize that media content for/with Crayon Pop is a complex matter and so far away of the agency’s resources. And unfortunately Korean TV would not invest in this idea because the CP has a limited number of fans. These broadcasting company just smiling for the Kpop groups capable for generate profits.

        But I do not give up the Crayon Pop, ever. And if I could right now, I would like to get the group’s IP and contracts (after a good offer to the Mr. Hwang) and then working with the 5 girls for development this and other creative ideals. Really!

        • ezekiel

          really!? great to know that chrome would response to our email..^^. i think we don’t need to broadcast the drama/series on tv. youtube would be a great place to promote it.. the problem is money.. even if chrome agree with your idea, you will need a lot of money to produce the movie/series. can we gather money from fans around the world to make it happen!?.

          • Yes, I received an email from someone named Hwang, from what I know is the name of the founder of Chrome Ent. (long time ago). But the last two times I didn’t get answers anymore.

            My intention would be distribute audiovisual content via the web, much more viable than traditional media like TV.

            In fact, I have a very particular way to developing ideas. I confess that some times I usually be adamant about some aspects. For example, there is not in my thoughts to work with Crayon Pop by “partnership contract” with Chrome agency; My desire is TO HAVE the group under my management for only then prepare the new creative products, with more freedom following my own convictions. I want to enrich the charismatic and affordable concept of the Crayon Pop expanding it but always preserving it.

            Or I do it through my own resources or everything stay as it is, because I will not seek partnership in the stock market and even seek help on Kickstarter. So cross your fingers for me. 🙂

    • CP Ranger

      I’ve had similar thoughts as well. Lots of fun things they could do that are different from the music industry.

      • Yup, that’s the point. And a kind of ‘live action show’ without exaggeration could be well received by fans.

  • Noor Ahmed

    finally . i wait a lot to see this web drama

  • Jair__castillo

    woooooow, i can not wait!! :’3 Gummi in action! <3