160612 Way’s Instagram Translated


#Itaewon The weather is humid

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With my lovely Dahee-unnie 🍝
#BeforeSupper #MoodUp

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  • Gabe Santiago

    β™₯ λ‚˜μ˜ μ•„λ¦„λ‹€μš΄ μ–Έλ‹ˆ! β™₯ λ‚΄ μ•„λ¦„λ‹€μš΄ 친ꡬ! β™₯

  • Jair__castillo

    im fall in love again πŸ’–3πŸ’š

  • ian chan

    LIE!!!! She must be going out with her boy friend😫

    • ezekiel

      ugh.. how do you know!?.. i have to admit is now.. it’s me.. LOL… hahahaha..(in my dream)

  • So cute girl is Way… πŸ™‚

  • CP Ranger

    WaY is so pretty I can’t contain myself! πŸ˜€

    • ezekiel

      LOL.. hahahaha..XD