160610 Choa’s Instagram Translated

Namhae 20130209 😱

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In front of Buffalo City Hall

Note that I had the courage to walk alone. 👀


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Tokyo. 151031

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  • Jair__castillo

    I love her smile, is so beautiful!!

  • apieth

    Walk alone in buffalo? Glad you can find your way back to home.
    Dangerous for pretty girl likr Choa

    • CP Ranger

      I think Princess ChoA probably just walked around the block of the hotel, hehehehe :p

  • Dancing Queen

    She’s prettier without makeup.

  • CP Ranger

    ChoA’s playful smile really is a beautiful thing. 🙂
    Feeling nostalgic, eh?
    “sugiyo! bbyong~~~”

  • Rdglde 30

    Buffalo NY? What is she doing there? Is this an old pic from the Lady Gaga tour?

    • Potae

      looks like it

    • a

      its dated 2013