160603 Ellin’s Instagram Translated


Makes the road pleasant… #GimpoAirport #ThankYou #ILoveYou #Newcomvers Thank you very muchie

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Really scary.( Way was like a grilled squid…) #JejuIsle #OurGeneralManager’sLaughingVoiceExploded

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#makeup #pony #CouldNeverBelieveThePhoto

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  • Natic Aliev

    oooo this one looks more complex. she was probably freaking out and jumping jumping hehehe. love you Geummi!

  • I remember…

  • Hector M.

    Maybe if I buy her as a present the life-size Hulkbuster armor, she will accept to marry me. Now I only need $21,500 dollars…

    • ezekiel

      geummi will love that hulkbuster, because she’s a big fans of iron man..LOL..

  • Gabe Santiago

    Beautiful! ♥ ~ 아주 아름다운! ♥

  • JuJu

    Pony? 😍 This youtube make up artist which I love? 😍 and Ellin? 😍 I’m in heaven 😍

  • CP Ranger

    Haha, the lucky guy got to touch Ellin’s leg because it was ‘part of the job’. He probably hid his face so that jealous fans can’t hunt him down. 😀