160603 Choa’s Instagram Translated


#JejuIsle #Soesokkak

Source: Instagram

#CheonhyehyangIceCream Sweating all under the clothes
@g.mi @baysunny

Source: Instagram

  • Brandon Lim

    I like this Choa without heavy makeup

  • termyt

    Geummi’s laugh 😀

  • I discovered by chance a model very similar to Choa and would like to share it with you. Her name is Hyejin and is part of the Mini Bbong’s staff model, a female fashion commerce site. See!


    • astala

      pretty but ChoA is unique

      • No, no, no… Of course Choa is unique like Hyejin (model) is unique too. I just was talking about similarity in facial appearance between them. Anyway, thanks for comment. 🙂

  • dcp

    Almost looks like Wifi Jung standing in the background. Or is it him??