160526 Composer Ryu Sanggyun’s Instagram Translated

We’ve gotten some possible news for Crayon Pop’s upcoming comeback (tentatively scheduled in June/July), thanks to composer Ryu Sanggyun. We see him with four of the Crayon Pop members after a vocal recording session in Chrome Entertainment’s office.

This is not the first time we are seeing Crayon Pop recording with him. 5 weeks ago, the twins were also seen recording with him as seen in his Instagram post.

According to the date from ‘FM”s release after they finishing its recording, it took them about 6 weeks to comeback. If that is to be taken into consideration, Crayon Pop’s comeback should be sometime around July 6, 2016.


Should always take a remembrance shot! Unfortunately Ellin-ssi left earlier.. #CrayonPop #ChromeEntertainment #crayonpop #Way #Choa #Geummi #Soyul #Nonhyeon-dong #Shinsa-dong #Recording #RecordingStudio #VocalRecording #compose #😏😏😏😏😏

Source: Instagram

  • IINexus ShineII

    glad to hear about comeback ^^

  • Jair__castillo

    i’m so excited, i can not wait!

  • ezekiel

    finally.. some news about their comeback!!! ^^

  • Dancing Queen

    still wait for an official announce.

  • Noor Ahmed


  • CP Hwaiting

    I feel that they are coming back with an album and not a single! just my gut feeling!

    • Hwang Eun-bi

      That would be a good parting gift for their fans

      • dukpoki

        wait. Why do you say parting…like they are breaking up or something?!!!! O__O Please tell me i’m reading this wrong.

        • George

          Well I mean their contracts do expire in about year and they are relatively nugu now. History shows that nugu groups do tend to break up or lose members at the very least. Even the big name groups have this problem. I mean the K-Pop world has already pretty much lost 2NE1, Miss A, and Kara all in one year with more groups expected to disband before the year is up. think we all know that Crayon Pop isn’t going to last forever. It’s just the nature of the business.

          • dukpoki

            Yeah i see your point. The same problem currently was circulating around about Stellar (rumors about them disbanding after their next and presumably last comeback because their sales aren’t good). But some sources say they are actually doing better than ever because their fanbase keeps growing outside of korea and that rumors of disbandment is rubbish. Although i take that with a grain of salt because i admit nothing is certain just like you said–it’s the nature of the business. But if it is true then I would hope and imagine CP has a pretty large fanbase too that will keep them alive when and if they are ever teetering on the brink of death. I know i will support them forever!

          • cp_whaiting

            No point worrying or panicking over anything even if it was true this will be their last come back. Probably better to assume it’s their last come back and treasure the moment even more.

          • rotocrash

            Definitely treasure everything these lovely ladies give to us.

          • dukpoki

            “Probably better to assume and treasure the moment even more” Or you can NOT assume something so heinous and still treasure the moment? I don’t understand why we need to assume something bad is going to happen in order to enjoy them more? Especially when there isn’t even a blip of evidence saying something bad will even happen. So it’s not only out of the blue but very surrender-ish in nature. I would never ever think CP will break up because they are that good. Unless there’s an official announcement or even a valid rumor (which this is not even) why would i unnecessarily assume the worst?

        • m arif zainuddin

          i cant imagine CP will disband, to me they just too solid

  • CP Ranger

    So, one Crayon Pop song and one twins/Strawberry Milk song from composer Ryu Sanggyun and possibly one song from composer UrbanMonster makes 3 new songs. If they’re making a full album, then they might even add in Bbyong Song. 🙂
    Who’s ready for this comeback? Me! I’m ready!!! 😀

  • derKAHLE

    I’ll certainly paint something when they have comeback songs/album. o/

  • robertrickett

    GO FORWARD Crayon Pop, fear nothing, continue to defy the odds, your fate does not lie in the hands of men. Some have called you lucky, but you are blessed and will be forever known as Kpop’s fearless “5 blessed girls”.

  • ezekiel

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