160518 Choa’s Instagram Translated

Kyunggyun and Dongjun-oppa are cool. The best.👏🏻😍
Please come and watch Love Comes With The Rain many times!
#Sabita #EunKyungGyun #LeeDongJun #CulturalIcon

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  • derKAHLE

    Gorgeous Princess

  • h4iumb1

    That´s the musical Way participated in 🙂 I hope that ChoA and Way will be standing on a musical-stage again too. ChoA seems to miss it a lot…

  • CP Ranger

    Go watch a musical in your area everybody. It’ll be fun or engaging!
    Here are ChoA & WaY. Picture from musicalsabita instagram:

  • J shawol

    where can we watch it?