160511 Crayon Pop in “The Number Song”

Crayon Pop was on the children’s program, “Pollock the Greedy Frog” where they sang the number song. Here are the songs introducing “5” and “6”.

  • adg127

    better than nothing i guess..

  • Jair__castillo

    1:04 Ellin: Give me five… (alone) XD

    • Firefall

      Thanks for pointing that out. I high five back… 😛

  • ezekiel

    hahahaha.. adorable..

  • ezekiel

    way got more part in this..

  • Firefall

    OMG what just happened? All of a sudden I can count to 6 in Korean. But I cannot say it, I can only sing it! Seriously though, that was very cute and surprisingly fun to watch.

    • CP Hwaiting

      “ill lee sam sa oh you”.. “ill lee sam sa oh you”.. “ill lee sam sa oh you”..

      • Firefall

        My ears arent the best, but 5 6 sound like “milk” in Korean to me. So 딸기 56? lol

    • Choayo

      If you wanna learn how to count up to 10, the Sino-Korean numbers:

      • Firefall

        Cool thanks. I didn’t know there’s 2 numbering systems in Korea. Learn something new every day. 🙂

  • Noor Ahmed

    so cute love it

  • apieth

    Thx to Crayon Pop , now i know number 5 & 6 😍
    Geummi’s hair still short~

  • Dancing Queen

    Ellin sings. such a miracle XD

  • Gabe Santiago

    🎶 ♥ !

  • Andrey Gotovtsev

    My dream is Crayon Pop make cover of this MV

    • ezekiel

      what language is this song?

      • ian chan

        far east Siberia i guess

        • ezekiel

          thanks ^^

      • Andrey Gotovtsev

        якутский yakut

        • ezekiel

          what it is in english?sorry mate, since i don’t know anything about it.. i love her voice, is she from far east siberia!? just like @disqus_xrReAXpF2h:disqus said!?

  • CP Ranger

    하이파이브! High five-u! hahaha, I love that part. 😀

  • I loved it! ♥♥♥♥♥ 🙂

  • Brandon Lim

    I will just take this as their comeback! … for the time being..