160504 Crayon Pop at Arirang’s Picnic with K-POPPIN

Crayon Pop participated in an open studio concert hosted by Arirang Radio’s K-POPPIN’ and its DJ ISAK. The concert was called “Picnic with K-POPPIN’” held at Incheon International Airport’s Millennium Hall. They performed ‘FM’, ‘Uh-ee’ and ‘Bar Bar Bar’.

Catch their rehearsal.


    I have a question because I heard from many people that Chrome said that girls will have comeback June/July is it true?

    • That is currently the official stance.

    • CP Hwaiting

      well it appears so. CP themselves told the comeback is around the corner.

  • ezekiel
    • ezekiel
    • CP Hwaiting

      wow.. why are they in formals??

      • ezekiel

        it’s the rehearsal..

  • CP Ranger

    In the fancam by Babaway you can see Ellin noticing the USA fans at around 4:20.
    Then at around 11:00 Crayon Pop mention the USA fans and the kimchi the fans gave them at the Buffalo show for the Lady Gaga tour.
    I remember these awesome gentlemen popjhussi. They are heroes for traveling all the way from Ohio to see Crayon Pop. 🙂
    I remember one of them telling their full story, but I can’t seem to find it right now.
    So, here’s a recap of why they’re so amazing:

  • apieth

    Way: “he lost weight”
    Best quotes in 2016
    Well done Way. You have a nice memory

  • Drakis07

    Those US fans are lucky to have been able to go to Korea and that Crayon pop remember them. Our ladies are as sweet as always. I did met them too in Montreal and that was a kind of epic story too but i don’t have time and even less the money to travel to Korea to meet them again. I wonder sometime if they would remember me and the 2 other fans that they met in Montreal if i had the chance to meet them again. i really wish that they comeback to Montreal one day as world tour.

    • ezekiel

      i think they will.. because they are crayon pop..^^

      • Drakis07

        Well only time will tell if i will be able to meet them again one day. The only k-pop group that i met in person and that is my number one favourite one. I do wish that they will remember me if we meet again if that happen one day.

    • apieth

      Way has a good memory. She even can tell if the kimchi fan lost weight 😂😂😂

  • whynot747100

    AS a die hard fan I always appreciate babaway’s and others camera work, but I need a comeback. Frustrating watching other groups for the past year with 2,3 even 4 songs and comebacks and nothing from our CP. I know they were busy with Japanese promotions, but to keep in the spotlight they need 2-3 comebacks a year, not one ever 12-14 months…..With only a year left in their contract I hope they go out with a bang…constant promotion, release a full album and have at least 3 singles from it….this should be the year of CP because unfortunately I think this it…sigh…I will love and support them till the very end, that will never change…so Come On Chrome, lets do this last year with in your face Crayon Thug style….Crayon Pop fighting

  • Gabe Santiago

    🎶 ♥ !