160429 Crayon Pop at the 55th Gyeongnam Sports Festival

On April 29th, Crayon Pop performed at the 55th Gyeongnam Sports Festival. They performed FM, Uh-ee, and Bar Bar Bar. Afterwards, they had a short fan meeting. Check out their performance and fan meeting below.


  • h4iumb1

    Nice to see them perform again. 🙂

    • apieth

      They’ll be very busy. Comeback is near 😍

  • CP Ranger

    Crayon Pop fans once again driving 4-5 hours (one way) to support Crayon Pop. 🙂
    Security Lady with the whistle in the fan cam had everyone trained. She whistled and everyone knew the fanmeet time was over. hahaha

    • david

      Like a boss. ^^