160428 Geummi’s Instagram Translated

♪(´ε` )
Looks like water makeup

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Boktae in the midst of appreciating flowers🌸

Isn’t, but in the midst of marking territory🐾😐

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Dojima roll🍰🍴

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  • Kid-Simple

    Worst stopping point ever…

  • Tippatai Vichaitanapat

    ahhhh cute

  • moirhapsody

    yes way’s face does look smaller with bang

  • Firefall

    Is Strawberry Milk making an October Comeback?? Are they debuting in Japan?? So excited!!

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Are they debuting in Japan??

      That would be my guess. They’re standing in front of a Pony Canyon backdrop, and PC is their Japanese distributor.

      • Firefall

        When I saw the twins starting to dress alike again, I was half hoping, half expecting a SM comeback, but I didn’t expect a Japan debut. Japan debut is great, but I hope they will also do a Korea comeback. I want to see them on music shows. 🙂

  • akabane

    choa aegyo shines out way in this clip~~ not that am complaining :3

    • h4iumb1

      No, it does not and yes, I am totally biased ;p

  • Natic Aliev

    notice how choa doesn’t wanna ruin her hair. lol barely shaking.
    hehe so cuteeeee

  • whatevs

    Way looks a bit like Raina here :O

  • ezeqiel

    shit… can i have both of them!?.. 😛

  • david

    why does the old comments appear on new updates?

    • numetal_militia

      I wonder the same, but it’s entertaining to read.

      • apieth

        This started after the web crashed kekekeke~
        It’s funny~ makes me wondering what the old topic was

      • Genki

        It has to do with the server crash a few months ago. There is nothing the admins can do.

  • apieth

    Geummi still owe us a video of her exercising 😆