160425 Geummi’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Geummi left a posted titled ‘It’s been a while ^^’

Our fans ‘-‘+
How have you been ?
I’ve been curious how you have been ~

These days the weather is so warm hence it’s perfect for me to go out ^^
Yesterday, the yellow dust and minute particles were quite bad so I was a bit worried
Fortunately, today was full of clear skies ><
Did all of you have a nice weekend ~~?

Boktae and I went out for scroll in the day and I have no idea if he had great time ,
I had to drag Boktae to the place we frequent as always ㅜ.ㅜ/
He is gaining weight and becoming more active
I think he will grow up to be healthy and happy, right ^^?!

Ah and then
Thank you to the fans who came for the Uiryeong event a few days ago!
It was quite a great distance and thought most would not come but
More than expected came so we were able to put on a more exciting performance ^^
Rea~~~~~lly been a long time since we got reunited>_<
Really missed seeing you

Always seeing the fans as they have always been, leaving us a spot in their hearts
You know you are our great motivation and strength, right ?
It may have been a bit slow and a long wait where the body and heart turns tired
but I will show you that it was worth the wait !!!

Suddenly I became serious ‘0’HeHe
Then, have a good end to the week ~
Try to have a lively day beginning on Monday
Aja Aja

Source: Daum Fancafe