160422 Crayon Pop at Uiryeong Youth Festival

On April 22nd, Crayon Pop performed at the Uiryeong Youth Festival. They performed FM, Saturday Night, Bar Bar Bar, and Uh-ee. Check out their performance below.

Source: HoLic Hwang

  • robertrickett

    I love Crayon Pop’s live performances. These girls are not only great entertainers, but they have stage charisma and a special gift of ‘connecting’ with audiences that most musicians lack. I’m hoping they get a chance to tour China and Korea, like they did in Japan.

  • CP Ranger

    “Encore! Encore! Encore!” Crayon Pop fans needed more Crayon Pop after such a long time. 😀
    This was a fun performance. People there were ready to have fun and there was lots of youthful energy in the crowd. I think I smiled while watching the whole performance. 🙂