160421 Ellin on Afreeca TV with DJ Lee Goon

Ellin was on Afreeca TV with DJ Lee Goon. Check it out below!

Source: AfreecaTV

  • Mygiwi

    During 30 mn Ellin hypnotized me.

  • Firefall

    Didn’t understand a word, but recognized a few of her expressions that I haven’t seen since CPTV

  • robertrickett

    It’s enjoyable to watch even though I couldn’t understand. If someone understands Korean, would you please share any information Ellin talked about that she hasn’t shared in the past, for example about: her family; her goals; crayon pop; or anything new. Ellin is so pretty, just watching her expressions and mannerisms keeps me mesmerized

    • DK

      Nothing new, really. She mentioned Crayon Pop coming back in the summer but she’s keeping quiet about it, someone asked about So Yul and they’re just spending a lot of time chilling and going to school, Ellin is the prettiest celebrity he’s met, Elgu can’t take more than two shots (soju, I presume), won’t do “jumping” because she’s barefoot, etc.

      I think you can tell but this wasn’t really a “professional” interview, but he did invite her to come to his studio for a proper one in the future, and she would like to go. That’s the basic gist of what I gathered.

      • Methawee

        Comeback in summer??? It’s very exciting!!

      • robertrickett

        Thank you dk781390 This is some good stuff. I met Ellin at the LA Fan meet and the thing that impressed me was that no matter how beautiful the women were that surrounded her she was still the prettiest girl in the room. There are few people as friendly and genuine as Ellin. It sounds like she had a good interview. Thanks for sharing it, Sincerely.

        • dk781390

          No problem 🙂

  • GG

    oh Ellin I miss you so much.

  • CP Ranger

    Best parts about this video were the ElGu style entrance and exit. LOL! 😀
    http://i.imgur.com/ljuZpiI.gif http://i.imgur.com/s3F1Xur.gif

    • apieth

      Best legs award goes to Ellin

  • apieth

    Ellin became Shy Elgu without Crayon Pop member.
    She was very thug during cptv

  • Methawee

    It would be great if have eng sub;-;