160418 Choa’s Message on Daum Cafe Translated

Choa left a message on the Daum fancafe titled ‘Feeling a little cold’.

Feeling a little cold. Today it’s April’s Sunday
Hello, our Crayon Pop fans!
How have you been?
I have been doing good!
Really miss you lots.
To the fans who are waiting for our album
We are working hard to be show you a good form!
However, you’ve waited a long while, right…Really sorry ㅠ.ㅠ
Thinking of our many fans
We will show up in a good form!
Even so wait a little~ while longer..!
Then we~ should enjoy the remaining Spring~♡
It’s dusty in the day
Be careful of your bronchial tubes (?) Don’t forget to be careful of the cold^^!

Recommended music in the morning
Heye – piece of my wish
Kim Bokyeong – Forget Clearing
IU, Sung Sikyung – It’s you

Source: Daum Fancafe