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So many people😳 #SaturdayMorning #SeokchonLake

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My first #CherryBlossomFestival in my life

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The beautiful and easy to handle dongsaeng, Shannon👭

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Yesterday was the only time I finished an entire bread👍😅😆#Sticky #ChurrosMom #churrosmom #SeokchonLake #StronglyRecommend

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  • ian chan

    Who is this bagel girl?

  • CP Hwaiting

    no one recognized her ?? how come,,

    • robertrickett

      Way has special powers of mind control. People recognize her as a blond tomboy wearing a helmet; it’s her disguise. When Way wants to spend the day unrecognized, she takes off her magic helmet and a gorgeous, graceful, self confident women appears: It’s the real Hoe Min Sun aka, Way

  • robertrickett

    Way finally gets to finish her Churros, because she didn’t escape with Soyul, looking for food, and didn’t get caught by Earman Kim. It’s nice to see the girls enjoying themselves with family.

  • Gabe Santiago

    * ^ ^ /* ♥ !

  • she can finish…….

    A whole table of seafood but can’t finish 1 single churros?

  • CP Ranger

    Was WaY saying this is the first time she’s been to the Cherry Blossom Festival? Wow, to be surrounded by such spring beauty her entire life and never having the chance to experience the festival before.
    WaY’s lesson of the day: enjoy the beauty of this world when you have the chance. It is never too late to experience such wonder. 🙂

    Unless she was talking about it being the child’s first Cherry Blossom Festiaval. 😀