160408 Crayon Pop at “Night of Wanton Expression”

On 8 Apr 2016, 4.30pm, the “Night of Wanton Expression” Seoul Celebrity Meet and award presentation gala was jointly organized by the first cross-country online shopping platform for Korea and China, the “Finger Tips of Korea – Moba“, the China Micro Business Association, China-Korea FTA and Korea Caili International Travel. The gala was held in Seoul where Crayon Pop, and female model, Sueng Ok Yu participated in.

After Seung Ok Yu appeared, it was Crayon Pop’s turn to perform Bar Bar Bar, pushing the atmosphere to its climax. After they performed, they thanked the fans who came all the way from China to Seoul, and wished them a joyous stay. They also recommended Finger Tips of Korea – Moba to Chinese fans, where they could buy all sorts of Korean cosmetics, food and clothes.

The event ended at 9pm.

Source: HC360