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Candy 🙂 #Candy #Delicious #OldVideo #Selca #Ellin #ellin

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Friends making fun of me with an app… (in Korean)
omg.. friends makin fun of me..
I look so stupid😵#App #Snapchat

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  • robertrickett

    That’s my Ellin, even though her friends are teasing her and making her look funny, she remains secure enough in her self to share the laughter with the world. The honest, confident, prettiest girl in the room, definitely has what it takes to be a Celebrity.

    • apieth

      She is very humble to share this.
      That’s why i love her

    • Firefall

      I’ve always admired Ellin’s sense of humour and her ability to laugh at herself without hurting her own self-esteem. That’s something very rare and special. Obviously, her friends knew it as well and knew that she would get a kick out of it lol.

  • Firefall

    The effect was really well done. I don’t know anything about that app, but they probably spent effort & time tweaking it to make it look just right. They must really love her lol.

  • CP Ranger

    Hmm… interesting time for El-Genius to use English in her instagram post. Maybe Crayon Pop found out international fans have learned about the management change at Chrome Ent. and they are posting funny things to try and cheer us up. Ellin using English to speak to international fans directly. She has such a beautiful, beautiful heart. 🙂