160324 Crayon Pop at Korean Product Exchange Opening Ceremony

On 24 March 2016, there was a Korean Product exchange meet held in Zhengzhou. Nearly hundred Chinese and Korean enterprises participated in it. The Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency’s ambassador, Korean girl group Crayon Pop arrived in Zhengzhou for the exchange meet.

This event involved the cooperation of 24 Korean small and medium enterprises (SME) and 100 Henan enterprises. They had one-to-one discussions and the signing of an agreement. To promote Korean SMEs to enter the Chinese market, Crayon Pop was the ambassador for this drive. They would also participate in charity events for autistic children, giving the donation items donated by the Korean enterprises to the relevant Zhengzhou charity organizations.

Ever since the signing of the free trade agreement between China and South Korea on 20 Dec 2015, the trade between both countries have increased. Currently, South Korea is one of the most important trade partners with the province.

Source: VideoWeb