160320 Soyul’s Instagram Translated


Went to a sauna 🐣#Crayonpop #soyul

Source: Instagram

  • ezeqiel

    way is real!!!!! 🙂

  • VaughnyWay

    She’s breathtaking to me. Such an ideal girl. 🙂 <3

    Congrats on your various projects, Crayon Pop!

  • So beautiful! i can’t wait!! (♥.♥)

  • WMoksg

    Gee , they’d been transformed into beautiful greek demi-goddesses? and i’m always one believer that somehow they’ll save kpop in one form or another …kkk.

  • Brandon Lim

    Where can I see all the pictures?

  • Gabe Santiago

    😷 내 아름다운 Soyul, 마스크 뒤에! ♥

  • :3