160319 Way’s Instagram Translated

When I eat chicken skewers #posture

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A lot of leg pain #PoorStamina

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Dress shopping🤔🙄

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Hat shopping heh

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  • Gabe Santiago

    AYGEO! ♥

  • Gabe Santiago

    ♥ ~ 😋 Aygeo! ♥

  • apieth

    I found Way so cute again today

  • CP Ranger

    More girl cooties… why? Why, WaY, whhhyyy??? hahaha :p

  • ezekiel

    i want to pinch that cheek..^^

  • Mygiwi

    I’m sorry for crayonpopmesub, but Google translation show me an other result : ” I Alive, I jumping to chicken !”
    A Korean proverb says : ” the shortest way to the chicken is Way “.

  • lapdogg4030

    Pic #2 The true meaning of “Shop till you Drop”

  • I’m very focused on you [all]. ♥♥♥♥♥