160318 Crayon Pop’s MixChannel Updated

Crayon Pop had to throw and catch a ball with one hand. Check it out!

  • Gabe Santiago

    ♥ !

  • ian chan

    i am surprised that way got a clean catch!!!!

    • h4iumb1

      To make up for it she threw the ball too high and made the catch very difficult for Ellin 😀

    • Brandon Lim

      Way did much better than expected given her last performance haha!

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    L9 FTW!

  • 5ting well! o/

  • Sakurai K

    CPTV que é bom nada!

  • robertrickett

    Ellin catches the ball in classic Elgu still.. E9 – so excited

  • apieth

    Hidden card Ellin show off her skill and winning ceremony dance~
    Nice catch everyone ^^