160316 Way’s message on Wayland cafe

Way left a message on her personal fancafe, Wayland titled “Ggyah !! White Day !!!”.

The proof shot is really late right ㅠ.ㅠ!!!
I’ve received the White Day gifts^^ !!
Truthfully, I wasn’t aware that it was White Day,
Ah! To all who did the preparations, you don’t know how grateful I am~~
I really like the hat, scarf and everything! ♡
For the chocolates, candy, biscuits, really thank you very much ㅠ-ㅜ!
I feel sorry for saying this everytime but
I will definitely return the favour
Making each day meaningful
Please wait just a bit moreeeee!
I would like to express my gratitude to those who came for the press conference today.
Even though you might not see my face every time
I know that you all are always cheering for me!!!
Thank you.
Then, since I’m still really really hungry…
I’m off to eat shyoong~ hehe
I wore the cute hat for the picture!
The picture is so big^^:;;

Source: Wayland