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Thank you thank you 🙂
It’s been a while since I updated!
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I’m being watched.

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..So it’s been 3 years .. #3YearsAgo #Ellin #WhatAreYouDoing?

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  • Brandon Lim

    Was it Choa behind her? and I was surprised when the pink colour thing moved~ Way is that you?

    • apieth

      I don’t think she is Way

  • apieth

    I hate that mannequin. So scary

    • ezekiel

      you don’t want to be alone in a dark room with mannequin head for sure though.. XD..

      • apieth

        Hell no!! Just kill me

  • 🙂

  • Terry Townsend

    thank you so sweet ellen you look great

  • Gabe Santiago

    My beautiful sister. My beautiful friend, Ellin – I love you! ♥

  • robertrickett

    This group won several rookie awards, including best new female singers, than toured with, and opened for one of the most successful Pop stars in the world. There is no excuse for them to be sitting around board. Someone at Chrome must be sleeping. I’m hoping they will wake up and regain there focus soon, then charge ahead without fear, like they did in the beginning. These girls have worked hard and deserve an active schedule.

    • Firefall

      There is a Japanese actress, who in her rookie year, got a part in the FnF: Toyko Drift movie and went to Hollywood. That helped put her on the map in a super competitive industry. She and her agency managed to take advantage of the initial exposure and now she is a very popular actress in Japan today. I really thought the tour would do something similar for Crayon Pop. But unfortunately, it seemed to have derailed whatever plans Chrome had instead. And when the full album fell thru, that totally destroyed the plans Chrome had in mind. Experience comes with time and we can hope that Chrome leaned big lessons from that. Who knows if CP will have another opportunity like the tour, but these girls are talented, charming, and hard working. They will continue to carve their own path, even though it might take a bit longer. At least we know their Korean comeback is around the corner and have that to look forward to.