160307 Way’s Instagram Translated

“-daek” is a respectful honorific for someone of equal status to ones self.


Yong Pop-daek ~

Source: Instagram

Min Son-daek

Source: Instagram

  • Gabe Santiago

    내 아름다운 자매. 내 아름다운 친구. 나는 당신의 모든 사람을 사랑 해요! ♥

  • apieth

    I wondered what are they doing

    • CP Hwaiting

      I think its a photoshoot

  • Mygiwi

    I feel a perfume school… back to school… no.. back home.. comebackhooooome…No, that’ s 2ne1…. Ah, maybe comeback?? :-S I don’t understand nothing! Does someone understand something? :-B

    • DancingQueen

      I know xD

  • dcp

    Before i knew it i had already watched that short clip for a few minutes. Endless loop (if you watch it on Instagram)…