160307 Choa’s Instagram Translated

These pictures are from Crayon Pop’s Japanese photo book, Pop In Book.

Eat lots so that you can quickly grow up~^^@baysunny

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Tiny bit of apple shaved off~@baysunny

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Good morning @baysunny

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  • Gabe Santiago

    내 아름다운 자매. 내 아름다운 친구. 난 당신이 사랑 해요! ♥ 둘 다! ♥ ♥

  • numetal_militia

    So all along the reason for Way to eat a lot was so she could “quickly grow up”. It doesn’t seem to be working, hehe.

  • cp_whaiting

    Correction: eat lots so that you can quickly grow sideways…

  • W

    So cute

  • :3

  • apieth

    Sister choa told way to eat a lot. She missed her pig sister way