160227 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Directors cut 😍

#Phantom #CouldYouBeMine #directorscut

Source: Instagram

Time I was filming for BNT

#Nonhyeon-dong #bnt

Source: Instagram

  • Brandon Lim

    Ellin’s feeling sort of nostalgic lately?

    • CP Ranger

      It does seem that way. But, she has posted old instagram photos before too.

  • CP Ranger

    Dammit BNT! Why have the video clips of Ellin’s and Soyul’s photoshoots not been released? We got to see the videos for Geummi, ChoA and WaY, but no Ellin or Soyul. T_T

    • apieth

      Last vid is Way’s, right?
      Probably that person didn’t fulfill Way’s request for the video then xxxxx 😨

      • CP Ranger

        LOL! Maybe… WaY is hard to please. 😀