160222 Soyul’s Instagram Translated

Soyul posted pictures of her as the Seongnam Sujeong Police’s “AnMaeKyeoSo” honorary ambassador. “AnMaeKyeoSo” refers to “Safety belts all the time, Turning on car lights, communication”.

“AnMaeKyeoSo” honorary ambassador Soyul 🐣#Crayonpop #soyul

Source: Instagram

Hello, this is Seongnam Sujeong Police’s “AnMaeKyeoSo” honorary ambassador, Soyul💓 Please drive safely🐥#Crayonpop #soyul

Source: Instagram

  • vericon

    They should show her dream team footage…what happens to people if they don’t obey the traffic laws

    • ezekiel

      i will happily take my ticket, if soyul is there..^^

    • apieth

      Worse than what is traffic accident can made

  • CP Hwaiting

    Ulzzang Soyul..

  • Gabe Santiago

    * ^ ^ /* ♥ !

  • Gabe Santiago

    감사 자매! 내 친구! 당신을 사랑합니다!

  • apieth

    I’ve never seen a police woman as cute as soyul.. She is the cutest ever~ my tiny police woman ^^

  • Soyul…~♥! I don’t know if I should break the law or obey. Help me decide. :v