160219 Soyul’s message on VerSoyul translated

Soyul left a message on her personal fancafe, VerSoyul titled, “My Darlings ♡”.

My darlings, how are you doing?
I’ve missed you too. I’m sorry that I can’t come often..
Even so, my darlings are always thinking of me and I appreciate that.
For me, I am happy that I have you all; you all give me strength!
I’m sad that there haven’t been many activities recently but
I won’t rest, I want to carry out activities everyday and see you all..!
I will work hard to see you all more frequently!^^
I love you a lot..Thankful forever!
It’s good that our Soyul’s fans have the heart of an angel…
The only ones who appreciate me are my family and fans ♡
Really from the bottom of my heart, thank you
And for always cherishing, adoring, loving, encouraging and supporting me, thank you^^
I’m sorry I cannot express my gratitude in any other way than this…
Even so, it’ll be good if you can understand my feelingsㅠㅠ…
Really miss you lots ♡ I hope you will always be healthy and happy^-^*
Because you are mine …!!!
Enjoy your dinner and have a great night. I love you…♡

Source: versoyul

  • Gabe Santiago

    당신을 사랑합니다! ♥ * ^ ^ /* Soyul 내 소중한 친구! 이해 했어. 그것은 당신이 나와 함께 잘! 나는 당신을 매우 자랑스럽게 생각합니다! 난 아주 많이 당신을 사랑합니다! ♥

  • CP Ranger

    Such a sweet message from Soyul. 🙂

  • robertrickett

    This message is so sweet and so heart felt. These girls just keep melting my heart. Soyul the maknea has a special sentimental place in my heart that melts easily. Soyul writes, “because you are mine” that one got me, because it’s same as we feel about her. I really hope chrome will get busy this year, so the girls can be active, have more opportunities to perform and connect with their fans and live their dream.