160217 Choa to Graduate from Seoul Institute of the Arts

On 17 Feb, management company, Chrome Entertainment reported that girl group, Crayon Pop’s member Choa will be participating in the graduation ceremony for the Seoul Institute of the Arts. She will be graduating after 7 years since her matriculation.

Choa entered the Seoul Institute of the Arts to major in acting in the year 2009. In the midst of her studies, she also became a singer and a musical actress. After 7 years, Choa had successfully completed her studies and will be graduating from college. Choa said through her company, “The joy I received when I prepared for my college admissions and obtaining my admission is still like something that happened yesterday. Now that I’m graduating, it feels so different. I got to know many classmates, seniors and juniors in school. I also spent a period of invaluable time. I will use what I learned in school in my future activities.”

Besides that, Choa debuted in 2012 as Crayon Pop’s lead vocals and had received numerous praises for her performance in musical, “Princess Deokhye”.

Source: News1