160212 Way’s Instagram Translated

#LateNightMovie #Sinnam #ILikeToMoveItMoveIt @huhmj @hh_yjj

Source: Instagram

Way quoted the Buddhist monk, Reverend Beopryun.

Now it is good, later it will also be good

Source: Instagram

  • Brandon Lim

    The Huh Sisters, such randomness haha!

    • CP Hwaiting

      “The huh sisters” — that’s a good name as in “Huh” being expression of surprise. xD

  • CP Ranger

    Interesting how Way has been sharing more philosophical instagram posts. I think she wants us all to take a moment to contemplate the deeper meaning of life. That way we can better appreciate what we have. Like 5 wonderful ladies who bring us all so much joy, laughter and happiness through Crayon Pop. 🙂