160204 Way’s Instagram Translated

#FirstDayOfSpring begins!😊

Source: Instagram

  • ezekiel

    way too cute..^^

    • CP Hwaiting

      yes WAY is way too cute!

      • ezekiel

        you understand me..^^

  • o

    Where is this? Looks like Europe

    • yoba eto ty

      I think it looks like a korean village or something outside the town.

      • apieth

        Look at her clothes. It’s from photoshoot for pop in book in japan

        • Firefall

          Good eyes! I have to go thru the book again and pay more attention to what they’re wearing 😛

    • apieth


  • Firefall

    I thought she was celebrating the start of the Korean New Year until I read her comment lol. I’m wondering now if it is related to the DVD that’s coming out on March 16th or maybe something else that’s coming out on March 20th? Anyways, I hope she & the other girls get to spend KNY with their families and friends.

    • lapdogg4030

      Simon & Martina from EKG are in Japan now looking to move there, they posted a video yesterday that showed cherry blossoms already in bloom.
      Seems Japan maybe having an early spring.

  • Firefall

    lol Anyone else imagining her jumping out in the orange cat suite?

    • apieth

      Would be so cute

  • IINexus ShineII

    Jumping Yeah!

  • ian chan

    after first seen this picture first yesterday i keep coming back to look at it.
    incredible amount of joy this picture has delivered.

  • Leap to my arms! :3

  • Hector M.

    Spring??? Meanwhile I’m freezing in Winter.