160202 Crayon Pop on Tokyo TV’s “Oha Suta!”

Girl group Crayon Pop performed in a live TV show in a Japanese channel.

The group visited Japan for its local concert tour.

The group was introduced to Japanese viewers in variety show ‘Oha Suta’ on February 2. It talked about its recent activities through the interview session and staged its hits.

Crayon Pop wore trainers and skirts and helmets, which is a signature item for the group. They performed ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and ‘Yo-kai Exercise’. After the stage, the members taught the choreography of their song to the people in the studio.

It also talked about its activities in Korea as the honorary ambassador to animation ‘Yo-kai Watch’, which is very popular among Japanese children. Crayon Pop performed ‘Yo-kai Exercise’ in many venues to promote the movie version of the animation. During filming, the group danced to the Korean version of the song, not the original Japanese one. It was an exportation of the ‘Yo-kai Exercise’.

It is noteworthy for the group to appear in a Japanese TV Show because it has become rare for Korean artists to appear on Japanese TV since the cooling of the relationship between Korea and Japan since 2012.

Meanwhile, ‘Oha Suta’ is a popular children’s program which ran for 20 years. It is a representative morning show where famous Japanese Idols and Hallyu celebrities appeared in.

Source: BNTnews