160202 Crayon Pop on Tokyo TV’s “Oha Suta!”

Girl group Crayon Pop performed in a live TV show in a Japanese channel.

The group visited Japan for its local concert tour.

The group was introduced to Japanese viewers in variety show ‘Oha Suta’ on February 2. It talked about its recent activities through the interview session and staged its hits.

Crayon Pop wore trainers and skirts and helmets, which is a signature item for the group. They performed ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and ‘Yo-kai Exercise’. After the stage, the members taught the choreography of their song to the people in the studio.

It also talked about its activities in Korea as the honorary ambassador to animation ‘Yo-kai Watch’, which is very popular among Japanese children. Crayon Pop performed ‘Yo-kai Exercise’ in many venues to promote the movie version of the animation. During filming, the group danced to the Korean version of the song, not the original Japanese one. It was an exportation of the ‘Yo-kai Exercise’.

It is noteworthy for the group to appear in a Japanese TV Show because it has become rare for Korean artists to appear on Japanese TV since the cooling of the relationship between Korea and Japan since 2012.

Meanwhile, ‘Oha Suta’ is a popular children’s program which ran for 20 years. It is a representative morning show where famous Japanese Idols and Hallyu celebrities appeared in.

Source: BNTnews

  • This tv show scares me!! Girls fighting! be brave!! o/

    • ian chan


  • Brandon Lim

    around 2:50. 30 million of what?

    • Genki

      “30 million views on video sites” I believe they are talking about Bar Bar Bar, despite it showing during DAN .

      • Brandon Lim

        ok that makes sense. Ty!

  • whatevs

    that’s some weird ass kid’s show xD

    • CP Hwaiting

      😀 this is normal for a Japanese show!

    • Rdglde 30

      Have to agree, this is very normal for Japanese shows! Great that CP could be on to promote. GO GO CP!

    • Inoue Rei

      Looks like a PG-13 children’s show. The men wearing short shorts dancing suggestively. Also the female host in pink is Ruriko Kojima, a “gravure idol”

      • whatevs

        wow, was unaware gravure idols could enter into kid’s entertainment . once again, i’ve underestimated how ingrained any type of idols are into the japanese mainstream xD

  • ezekiel

    japanese show are weird..XD

  • apieth

    Man in short pants with weird dance during barbarbar for children show 😨

  • GBuster

    Enjoy this version. The YT upload is only accessible in some countries.

  • IINexus ShineII

    Oh didn’t know the program is run for 20 years..

  • s

    Love choa’s reaction after the birdman takes a dump of blue balls.

  • ezekiel

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suhKvv9JhKA Crayon Pop – Rarirure | Making and Photoshoots

    • IINexus ShineII

      do you have “we are pirates” making?

      • ezekiel

        as far as i know there is no MV for we’re pirate..^^

        • IINexus ShineII

          Nah I mean the cover making in the DVD : D

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            owh.. i see.. ^^ i don’t have/find anything about the cover making video yet.. hopefully there is a video about it..^^

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          lol I saved this vid with god speed before someone take it down , Thanks

    • GG

      This reminds me of CPTV.

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        i hope we got our CPTV back..^^

  • CP Ranger

    The lesson we learned while watching this show was to react to grown men dancing the same way Geummi did.
    Crayon Pop inspiring people to dance in a funny manner. 😀

  • Hector M.

    Strange old man dancing in a weird and pervert way, Stay Away from my girls!!!!
    I think when he was dancing next to them It was really awkward and uncomfortable for the poor girls, but they had to smile and keep dancing.