160129 Way’s Instagram Translated

Rabbit (in Korean)! Rabbit (in Japanese)🐰

Source: Instagram


Very hungry

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Source: Instagram

  • numetal_militia

    “Greetings, earthlings. We come in peace”

  • Gabe Santiago

    * ^ ^ /* ♥ ♫ 귀여운 토끼!

  • WayE.keu.bo.deu

    Lol Way you little goofball <3 But seriously, that last vid was kind of creepy… In a disturbingly cute sort of way.

    • Nacho Bidnith

      Would you kiss that mouth?

      • WayE.keu.bo.deu

        Haha As long as its way behind the mouth

  • Gezzabel

    Dweaji Tokki

  • CP Hwaiting

    wow.. I never thought WAY will do this.. 🙂 Obviously we know who is the culprit (Ellin) who taught this to her..