160129 Crayon Pop at Incheon Airport

Crayon Pop was at Incheon airport to head for Japan where they will spend 5 days. They will be touring Japan for their concerts titled, “Crayon Pop 1st Japan Tour 2016” to celebrate the album release in Japan. They will begin their tour in Nagoya on 29 Jan and Kobe on 30 Jan. They will finish off at the Tokyo Science Hall in Tokyo on 31 Jan.

They later arrived at Nagoya where they received a warm welcome from fans.


  • Nacho Bidnith

    The profile picture of Way standing in line, deep in thought, absolutely beautiful!

  • Mygiwi

    In one photo, SoYul’s face is blured ! On the site Crayon POP Reddit (Crayon pop @ incheon airport) I have seen 5 photos like this (pictures with Geummi & SoYul whose face bas been blurred) 🙈😞 Why ? They are not anonymous passengers 😍! It must be an error.😕