160127 Choa’s Instagram Translated

Choa watched the musical Vincent Van Gogh with Fiestar’s Linzy.

#Musical #VincentVanGogh

@linzy_minji-Unnie and I took pics of each other

Source: Instagram

  • IINexus ShineII

    nice socks!

  • Natic Aliev

    Ellin… I hope you’re wearing something. lol

    • CP Ranger

      Yes, she’s wearing socks! :3

  • Gabe Santiago

    Beautifully artistic! ~ 아름다운 예술! ♥

  • CP Ranger

    hehehe, more old Disqus comment glitches. Anyways, it’s cool to see her going to so many musicals and sharing her love for them with us fans. I used to go to the theatre & musicals every now and then. Usually the cheap seats. But then I discovered Crayon Pop and most of my discretionary funds are now dedicated to Crayon Pop related items. 😀
    Princess ChoA practicing her painting skills. This is a great opportunity for fans to edit something into the painting and share it with everyone!
    I think she’s going to paint a beautiful self portrait. 🙂

    Original photo for editing purposes:

    • Firefall

      lol that’s just brilliant!