160122 Crayon Pop’s Japanese Activities News Roundup

Crayon Pop’s self-titled album, ‘CRAYON POP’ was released in Japan on 20 Jan 2016. At the same time, the album ranked #11 on the Daily Album Charts of Oricon. The Oricon charts are Japan’s largest record sales aggregated site.

The title song of the album ‘CRAYON POP’ is ‘We are Pirates!’. Included in the album are the released-only-in Japan singles ‘RaRiRuRe’ and ‘Dancing All Night’. The popular Korean songs, such as ‘Bar Bar Bar’, ‘Dancing Queen’ were also included as new Japanese versions.

In addition, a photo book with 144 pages, was simultaneously released with this album. This is a collectible for Japanese and domestic fans.

Crayon Pop is planning to hold a tour in Japan from 29 January in three cities for three days to celebrate the album release in Japan. The upcoming concert in Tokyo on 31 Jan was sold out quickly.

The concert is titled the “Crayon Pop 1st Japan Tour 2016”. They will begin their tour in Nagoya on 29 Jan and Kobe on 30 Jan. They will finish off at the Tokyo Science Hall in Tokyo on 31 Jan.

Crayon Pop is known for their colorful costumes and energetic stage presence. As such, Crayon Pop has caught the attention and hearts of the Japanese. Crayon Pop made their official Japanese debut last year with the debut single album titled “RaRiRuRe” in July. The group followed up with their second single “Dancing All Night” in November.

With Crayon Pop stealing the hearts of Japanese fans with their charms and talent, there have been purchase proof shots by Japanese fans on SNS like Instagram. A picture uploaded on Instagram on the 22nd attracted the attention of fans. The hashtags #crayonpop #cheer and #OriginsOfBigSuccess were included on a photo that showed over a hundred of Crayon Pop’s album and photobook. This led to many surprised reactions in the comments.

In the case of popular boy groups, it is common to buy lots of albums from foreign fans at the fan site scale, but in the case of the Korean girl group albums that are released outside of Korea, mass individual purchases are rare; thus, making it an issue.


Crayon Pop is said to be working on a new Korean album that is set to release within the first half of 2016.

Source: Naver News, tenasia, WowTV, Instagram