160113 Geummi’s Instagram Translated


Source: Instagram

Our twins👭
Song has came out
It’s just very good

#IHateYou #Choa#Way

Source: Instagram

  • Gabe Santiago

    * ^ ^ /* ♥ 아름답고 천사! ♥

  • Rdglde 30

    Wow. So pretty.

  • robertrickett

    Guemmi gets more attractive every year as she changes from a cutie to a gorgeous alluring woman. Heaven help us all.

  • Terry Townsend

    Geummi not 28 yrs old,28yrs young and very beautiful

    • Mygiwi

      Also, it is the Korean age. Our Geummi will only turn 28 in June. We can reassure her ; today she is only 27 years ol…young !

  • :3

  • Terry Townsend

    THANK YOU Mygiwi she is a very beautiful young lady at 27 yrs young