160113 Choa’s Instagram Translated

The snowy today’s #IHateYou
Just listening it would be good 💕
#IHateYou #Snow #WhiteSnow #FloodOfSnow #Winter #Lonely

Source: Instagram

  • CP Ranger

    Beautiful snowfall to go with a beautiful song. I like it when the snow falls in big fluffy snowflakes like this. They tickle your face when you look up at them.
    Or, if you’re listening to a sad, beautiful song like this one by ChoA & WaY, the melting snow flakes on your face can mix with your tears and you can pretend you’re not actually crying.

    disclaimer: I have never cried looking up at falling snow flakes, only when I get hit by snowballs to my face. T_T

  • Noor Ahmed

    lovely song