160112 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Hot choco is delicious..:) #HotChoco #TamTam

Source: Instagram

Ellin posted her lunch. She is eating steamed seafood, including Ganjanggejang, which is raw crab marinated in soy sauce.

Have a nice meal everyone 🙂 #Shrine #Restaurant #Ganjanggejang #SteamedSeafood

Source: Instagram

  • CP Ranger

    I’m glad Crayon Pop posts photos of their meals, and then CrayonPop.me translates what the food items are. I can proudly say that I now know almost 30 Korean words and 25 of them are food. 😀

  • MadCP

    Going to Korea this year to try this food, thanks to CP.

  • :3 배고파요