Choa and Way releases New Duet Single

The song has since be released on MelOn. The song has been released on iTunes.

The lyrics are:

잘 지내냐는 문자를 하고 말았어
I sent a message, “How are you?”

우리 헤어졌다는
사실을 잊고 말았어
I honestly forgot that we broke up

나를 떠나던 그날
The day I left

뒷모습 보이던 그날
The day I turned my back to you

참아냈던 눈물이
왈칵 쏟아져 버렸어
The tears I’ve been holding back burst out

그러자 했어
이별을 말하는 너에게
We parted like that

아무 말도 못했어
I couldn’t say anything

나 잘 해준 게 없어서
Since I haven’t been nice to you

사랑인 줄 모르고
I didn’t know if I loved you

널 힘들게 하던 나
I made you suffer

고개만 숙인 채 그렇게 보냈어
I’ve been feeling guilty

니가 미워 왜 나를 사랑을 해서
I hate you, why did you love me

니가 미워 널 아프게 하던 나를
I hate you, I caused you pain

사랑한 미치도록 사랑해 주던
You loved me so much

니가 미워 또 니가 그리워
I hate you, and I miss you

내 맘이 아프다
My heart hurts

니가 없어도 괜찮을 줄 알았어
I thought I would be fine without you

다른 사람 만나면
행복할 줄 알았어
I thought I would be happy with someone else

너와의 추억들이
The memories with you

함께한 기억들이
The memories we share

눈물을 만들고 말았어
Made me shed tears

니가 미워 왜 나를 사랑을 해서
I hate you, why did you love me

니가 미워 널 아프게 하던 나를
I hate you, I caused you pain

사랑한 미치도록 사랑해 주던
You loved me so much

니가 미워 또 니가 그리워
I hate you, and I miss you

내가 미워 널 사랑해 주지 못해서
I hate myself for not loving you

내가 미워 널 안아 주지 못해서
I hate myself for not hugging you

사랑한 미치도록 사랑해 주던
You loved me so much

니가 그리워 니가 보고 싶어
I miss you, I want to see you

내 맘이 아프다
My heart hurts

Today, via Twitter, Crayon Pop revealed that twins, Choa and Way will release a new single titled “니가 미워” (literal trans. “I Hate You”). The song will be released tomorrow, 13 Jan. 2016 at noon KST. The song is a ballad that was composed and wrote by Eun Jong Tae, who participated in Bob Girls’ No Way and Zan Zan’s Chicken Feet.  Cover art was also released via Twitter.

This song’s recording was completed in early December.

Fans who would like to obtain a Melon streaming subscription to stream and download the song to support Crayon Pop, please register an account and sign up for a subscription using this guide.

If you encounter problems, or lack an Apple device, please email us at Remember to set your password to something less sensitive since you will be giving it to us. It will cost about 12 USD for 30 days of streaming and 30 DRM-free 320 kbps songs.

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Source: Twitter

  • Dagachi_One

    I wasn’t ready. I like how the girls give surprises.

  • IINexus ShineII

    Yes , song from the twins!

  • SoYul

    Curious as to why it’s under “CrayonPop: Choa & Way” and not “Strawberry Milk”. Looking forward to it though!

  • NeonMoon

    Just wonder why so off the promotion..any MV?…how are they going make money from this?…maybe meant for the local K market..Chrome is just as quirky as CP..of course can not wait..any numbers from the twins will b great..

    • IINexus ShineII

      They make money through download from music app like melon and single just no mv sometimes

  • Uncle Fan

    I loved their ballads as SM! This should be excellent!

  • Old_School_CrayonPop
  • Brandon Lim

    Surprise! Pleasantly.

  • Jair__castillo

    first song of the year :’3

  • Rdglde 30

    Can’t wait for the song. Hopefully it will make it to ITunes.

  • Firefall

    Looking forward to this, but it just occurred to me that Soyul’s Y-Shirt came out Jan 12 2015. It could be a co-incidence, but never-the-less, I’ll be paying attention next Jan.

  • DancingQueen

    Not good as “Hello”.

    • ezeqiel

      yeah, hello is a great song.. ^^

  • Drakis07

    i really hope that it will be release on iTunes too. i got a melon account but my computer is a mac so no Melon app for me to use.

    • apieth

      i access melon from my iphone

      • Drakis07

        i did not found the melon app for iphones for Canada. There is a melon indonisia but i don’t think it’s the good one.

        • apieth

          Change store to korea, then download ^^

          • Drakis07

            Ok, i changed to Korea, found the Melon app but when i tried to download it i was region/country block. I’m guessing that Canada is one of the countries where you can’t change app store country or have access to any other country app store. Kind of suck. 🙁 Oh well, i guess that i will have to download the song directly from youtube or wait and wish that it come out on Canada iTunes.

  • ezeqiel, please support the official released..^^

  • Dekky

    nice song

  • Rdglde 30

    Vul Vol1 – is this part of a compilation cd/OST?

    • Genki

      Yes. This was a collaboration between Chrome and CLEF Company. VUL is CLEF Company’s project.

      • Rdglde 30

        Thanks for the info. It’s a well done sad song.

  • Terry Townsend

    absolutely beautiful and heart felt Choa and Way you have beautiful voices dont ever stop your music

  • BuckleUp.LetsGo

    Regular speakers just don’t do this song justice, put on a set of headphones and you can genuinely feel how beautiful their voices are….it…is…angelic.

  • apieth

    Lol~ it turns out the guy isn’t a jerk.
    Choa left him :p

  • bangx3

    it’s Also on iTunes now. for us Americans without melon

  • Brandon Lim

    Off topic: cannot be accessed with Chrome but when I use Opera, it is fine… anybody else has similar problem?

    • Drakis07

      I’m on Chrome right now and everything seem fine.

      • Brandon Lim

        Thank you for your reply, it’s working now! = )

    • numetal_militia

      I’ve had a problem like that before. It said the site wasn’t secure and couldn’t access from mobile devices with chrome, just on pc.

      • Brandon Lim

        I found out it’s a problem with my proxy… or something like that.

    • ezeqiel

      everything seem fine for me..

  • Mygiwy

    All is beautiful in this song : the melody, the instrumental part , ans their voices 👌👏

  • NeonMoon

    The more I listen..the more I like the song…that’s the thing with CP..they grow on ya..get under your skin into your mind….just sublime!

  • CP Ranger

    The song is ranked #6 in terms of Crayon Pop songs popularity on iTunes (Canada). Not bad for a song with no promotion. Maybe it’s because they released the song on iTunes a couple days after they released it on Melon. 🙂